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"PEOPLE...there is no "Mike Tyson-Kola Boof" sex tape. Anyone claiming to have such an internet video is a total FRAUD CRIMINAL LIAR; desperate in their quest to rain down yet another Smear Campaign on me."

Here are the FACTS:

(A) Several years ago, when NY POST reported on me having to remove my little boy from school, because reporters wanted to photograph him and LIE that he's by Osama Bin Laden...Mike Tyson felt sorry for what was happening to me and my children. He sent me over $7,000 to put my son in a special-secret Private School where many Black celebrities send their kids.  It's my understanding that Mike Tyson does a lot of good for "the little people" (kids in need) and doesn't seek publicity for it.  Though I'm inclined to believe he's made very dark mistakes in his past--he is not the monster/weirdo that the Media makes him out to be.  He is obviously a human being with HUGE heart and kindness.

(B) I don't know Benny Medina (whose home the LIARS are claiming the sex video is taped at). Again--I DO NOT KNOW BENNY MEDINA. I saw him only once in my whole life--this past July--at Whitney Houston's party in NYC for her new CD.

(C)PEOPLE....if the purported sex video isn't showing Mike Tyson's "FACE" then it's not him! Fake voices can be "dubbed" in people.  Though the woman in the video may "resemble Kola Boof"--I assure you it's not me.  You'd be amazed at what Technical Experts can do with grainy videos--including insert faces. KOLA FANS know that if I had fucked Mike and there was a video of it on the internet...I would simply say nothing (or crack jokes about it).

(D) I am an author who many people despise because of my interest in writing from a "Socio-Political" stance on many issues that make people uncomfortable.

(E) The great Asa Hilliard had a nickname for me. He called me "Firecracker" because of Academic/Literary people's discomfort with me presenting a more authentic African female voice in the literary world.

(F) There is always a Smear Campaign of some kind being waged against
me by whatever "group/person/nation" I have pissed off at the moment.

(G) EXAMPLES: A main theme in my work is "Colorism"--and that pisses off many Upper Class Black Folk who "benefit" from Colorism and want the System to stay in place.

I support Israel and not Palestine, because as North African Half-Arab woman born Sunni Muslim and orphaned...I have totally different view of "Brown Brother Arab Muslim Imperialism" than what Black Americans have. **This has caused people like
Farrakhan/NationofIslam/Sudan to detest my ability to "have a voice" in America that is Black but not in line with the rest of Black America's belief that Israel is the Devil and the Palestinians (Arab Muslims) are "Angelic Victims" (greatest bullshit ever sold).  I have pointed out that even Palestinians own Sudanese slaves, that Arab-Muslims in general are the most Racist/Hateful people I've ever known...and that Black Women in Palestine are routinely "sterilized" to keep the Palestinians from returing their original color.  Alice Walker and Cynthia McKinney can say what they want to say...and I, an actual BlackSkinned Half Arab woman from the SATAN CHAIR (Sudan) American citizen, can say what I have to say!

I have insisted, to great controversy, that not just anyone can be "Black" (attacking the 1 drop rule)--and this, too, has pissed off people who resent me being able to "have a voice" and wanting to stop my work--because they fear the painful "truths" in my argument.  I have proudly talked about having an abortion...and been threatened by Anti-Abortion Activists.

(F) Recently--I gathered 317 Brothers & Sisters and created a "campaign" to complain about an article posted by Essence Magazine. In the last two days, I have received incredible HATE MAIL and "Threats".  It's being said that I am "Bitter/Vengeful" due to men "supposedly" using me as a "jump off"---and that I directed that rage at the Male Writer of the article.

(H) PEOPLE---if any man ever used me as a "jumpOff" (sex without a relationship)--that's because he was invited to party with Kola and I wanted it. There were no strings and we had "buddy sex" because...I, Kola...was enjoying myself. I'm a 40 year old GROWN UP woman; not some emotional cry-baby.  I am not a Bitter woman...I am an impassioned writer-activist and Mom...I speak "my truth" from the bottom of the food chain; the Black woman's vantage point.  But I am not bitter...and frankly...weak privilaged assholes up the rungs of the food chain (White Men, Black men, White women, people of color) need to squash that BLANKET LIE that is told on Black women whenever we dare to stand up for ourselves and honor ourselves.

No one--including African/Black men--has ever protected us. So we have the right to VIGOROUSLY protect and defend our own honor whenever we get up the nerve and courage. And nerve and courage is something God imbued me with--like few others. 

(J) HATERS who want to submerge my work, hide my books and silence my voice...make all manner of outrageous and "Sensationalistic" claims about me.  Ignorant fool "Academics" whose snobbish "isolation" from the current masses causes them to dismiss my work/voice/life...will someday find that I am more revered and believed and respected...than they are. 

Other than being a Soccer Mom...

I am a Writer.
I am a Womanist Critical Thinker.
I am an African voice.
I am a BLACK woman--not a woman of color--a BLACK woman.
I am FREE politically; socially and sexually and I enjoy my
political-sociological-sexual freedom.

I am Kola Boof and I am my own Queen.

Nobody's going to Whoop Kola's ass, without me dying. NOBODY! 

There is no sex video and fuck what you heard about me; if it sounds
"weird"--then more than likely it's a Bullshit Lie.

KOLA the FUTURE...unfolding right before your

I came to stay.