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These Are Not Our People Anymore

A Reflection by Kola Boof 

1,000 years ago, East African men sold their
children into slavery for "Bling" and Status.  We looked the
other way. 

500 years ago, West African men sold their children
into slavery for "Bling" and Status. We looked the other way

Circa 2000, the New Top Black Man, no longer in Africa, announced
in music videos and everywhere else he had a voice...that Black children
don't even need to be born.

Pop star, Seal, insisted to an American magazine that his
children with White Man's mother, Heidi Klum, "
are not Black,
but are Biracial"...
and that he wanted Westerners to stop
calling his children Black.

As an African, I completely understand--because, of course,
nobody knows what "Black People" are better than Africans.
And it really is a Plantation Lie when outsiders claim "Half a Black"
(an Extraction similar to Vanilla or Rum Extract) is a Whole Black.

But I thought about Germany's "Michael Jackson Skin Lightening
Pill" (sold exclusively in Africa)...and I thought about the rampant
Phenom of Skin Bleaching among Black teenagers in Africa now that
we have BET in Africa.

I realized that though Seal's children are not as WHITE as Michael
Jackson's White children....Seal's babies are still White enough to
make him feel human.

I thought of "Suzette" the other day...LIVID with me, because I didn't
lie as she sought to claim that it's my Duty (sort of like a Maid as you
know how the Black American woman thinks in her quest to accomodate
everyone else's people FIRST--because basically she's alone and conditioned to being Manless on the bottom accomodating others
) was my DUTY in
Suzette's "We Are the World" mindset to stop lamenting the death of my own Black people and embrace the frivolity of "Solidarity" with America's CASTE SYSTEM (the Dark skinned, the Light Skinned and the New Pot-Luck Brown 'N Serve).

After 1500 years of watching my Black children be enslaved, lobotomized
and dehumanized...she felt I had no right to be outraged that they're
NOW SAYING Black babies don't even need to be born---Black love
(the symbol of Black people's humanity) doesn't "necessarily" need
to exist.

She diagnosed my love for my own people's HATE.  And with her
diagnosis of "HATE"--she and a White Woman quickly annointed my
attitude as "Blacker than Thou"--underserving of any real understanding,
because after all...what is there to understand about "innate" and tangible
Black Human worth?

Black boys in Chicago, vicious as hyenas, ripped another black boy, Derrion Albert, out of this world. 

In South Africa..."bored" Black boys, vicious as Satan's Black Swagger,
rapped and murdered a 4 year old baby girl...put rubber tires full of gasoline
around the neck of another innocent Black boy and LAUGHED as they
burned him alive.

Yet all we can do--fight for/rise up for--is to demand the INCLUSION and
affection...the affirmation...of a Mixed Race Child. As though it's God itself.

It reminds me of so many African women who Skin-Bleach and Swallow the Michael Jackson Pill each day. These Dark  Black African women IN AFRICA who take pride in their Blackness...but like a bad case of Malaria...aren't necessarily concerned with seeing their image continue in the world.

Because now that we are not Slaves; not Colonized...freedom means
Bleaching our skin; mating exclusively to breed away the STAIN of

And God forbid anyone should question or rebel against this.

But me, I do rebel.

I feel Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth and Queen Nok and Nefertiti
and Queen TinkaTekur II inside me...and I rebel.

You can line up "good intentioned" White women and innocent Pineapple
babies with Hawaiian hair on the receiving couch all day.  Blast reggae music and read "One Love" poems while denial-laden Black men talk the same
excuses they've talked 1500 years.

But the African Queen of my soul knows....

These are not my people anymore.


These Are Not OUR People Anymore
(Reflections on the Derrion Albert Killing)

By Kola Boof