Yam & Shrimp Stew
African Rice

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We're making TWO easy recipes.

"African Rice" (Morocco) and "Yam & Shrimp" stew (Kenya).

African Rice

*Rabat, Morocco version 

(1) First, open a box of "Cous-Cous" (it's at supermarket or online in
a box similar to Rice-A-Roni).  If you can't find "Cous-Cous" you
can use Rice-A-Roni...but then it won't be African anymore.

(2) As you're making a pan of Cous-Cous (which is really easy/quick)
--also make a pot of White Rice.  The amounts should be nearly equal
(let's say 1 cup of each.)

Cous-Cous is done...White Rice is done.

(3) Pour some Olive Oil or Coconut Oil in a LARGE SKILLET.  Cut up
some Onions and Bellpepper in the oil as it gets hot.

(4) Combine your Cous-Cous with your White Rice in the skillet.
ALSO combine 1 cup of Shredded Coconut.

So that's Cous-Cous, White Rice & Shredded Coconut. 1 cup each.

(5) As you toss it around softly frying it...add Pineapple, cayenne pepper,
curry, peppercorn and salt
. (Generally season it how you like)

(6) For authentic eating--you can wrap it in Crepes (extra thin pancakes)
or Spinach leaves. I never do.

(6) IN NORTH AFRICA, they don't usually put meat...but I sometimes put Shrimp, Chicken or Pork in mine.



East African YAM & SHRIMP STEW (Kenya Version)

*This is VERY easy and delicious, because it
stews in a pot for 7 to 8 hours.  All you have to do is
put everything in the POT basically.

(1) FIRST...get a skillet and heat some olive oil in it.
Saute 2 cups of Chopped Onions, 1 minced garlic clove
and a tablespoon of Coconut for about 5 minutes. You
want it cooked down nearly transparent but not overcooked.

--Set 2 cups of Peeled/Deveined SHRIMP in the refrigerator, because
they don't go in until 10 minutes before Stew is done.

(2) GET A BIG SOUP POT---add your ingredients in order:

--The sauted skillet onions/garlic/coconut 
--2 cups of Clam Juice
--2 cups of Water
--3 Large peeled Yams *CUBED
--2 regular sized Cans of Cooked Red Beans
--2 Large "LEEKS" (washed good & sliced thin)
--1 Diced Tomato
--1 green & 1 red bellbepper Chopped up nice
--Some grated Fresh Ginger (no skin) *to taste
--Some ground Cumin to taste
--Some ground Tumeric to taste
--1 tablesp. ground Cinnamon
--Some type of Hot Peppers/Chilis that you like.

SIMMER for 7 to 8 hours on LOW fire.  This cooks slow, it's
done when vegetables are really tender.

(3) About 10 mintues before the 7 or 8 Hours is up--get
a bowl and scoop out about two spoonfuls of Soup Juice.

You add 5 scoops of Creamy Peanut Butter to the Soup Juice
and whisk that in the bowl real good until its a much softer

(4)--NOW add your 2 Cups of peeled deveined Shrimp to the pot.

(5) Pour the peanut butter mixture into the stew behind the shrimp.

(6)Pour about 1/2 Cup of Crushed Roasted Peanuts on top of that.

(7) About 10 minutes after you've added the Shrimp...your stew is DONE!