How to Save "Rainwater" for Cooking
in Black Culture

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One of the "oldest" traditions in BLACK CULTURAL COOKING is the
saving of "rainwater" for later use in cooking.

The world has changed...skies are Polluted. But we still carry out
this ancient tradition:

(1) Get you a good clean bucket or a Pot or whatever you want
to catch the rain in.  I usually have 10 to 12 pots scattered about
when it's raining.

(2) Let the rain collect in your pots/buckets. Take it in the house.

(4) Using a CHEESE CLOTH STRAINER---pour the fresh rainwater
into another pot/container "straining it" through the CHEESE CLOTH.

(5) Pray over the rain water. Tell God what your hopes are for your
family's "health", "blessings you need"--the nourishment that you
are hoping God will place inside every meal you cook.  Most of all,
tell God that you see this freshly fallen LOVE from up above.
You want God's love inside you and your family. You are THANKFUL
for this wonderful rain.

(6) Take all your "strained" rain water and BOIL IT until it's seething,
bubbling hot in the pot.  This is because we're in America with man's
pollution--in some areas, we have to CLEANSE the rain.  

(7) Transfer water to a plastic container and FREEZE. You now have
"rain water" for cooking certain African dishes or making
can also simply Refrigerate some rainwater if you know that you'll be
using it soon.

This is closeness to GOD...the using of rain water in cooking. It is
ancient practice of the Black Woman, since Alpha.

God, the ancestors and all who will be born meet up with us when
we eat delicious meals blessed with the sacrament of Rain Water.