A Special ROAST
for the Kids, "Kiddie Roast"

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Kola's Kiddie Roast

My sons love this crap. LOL!!!

It's pretty fast and easy.  You'll need some "Cooking String".

(1) Boil 4-6 large Hot Links
(*I only make 4 because I have 2 kids)

(2) Boil 1 can of CHILI (no beans for us).

(2) Get a Cookie Sheet and heat oven to 350 degrees.
Grease your cookie sheet and cover it with Frozen French Fries.
Set that to the side.

(3) Take your Hot links out and put them on a plate to prepare
them for baking.

(4) Cut the Hot Links down the middle--stuff them with things your
kids like:

--Corn Chips
--Sliced Dill Pickles
--A nice dollop of ColeSlaw
--Top with the Hot Chili
--Top the Chili with a lot of shredded Cheese

(**Personally, I love Sauerkraut instead of Coleslaw on this, but my
Sons HATE Sauerkraut--so I'm leaving that out. When their Father is over, I put Sauerkraut, because he also likes it

(5) On your bed of French Fries, place the stuffed Hot Links and tie
them together with cooking string so that it's a huge Sloppy Mess.

(6) BAKE that in the oven on 350% until the French Fries are golden

(7) When it's done, you cut it with a knife and serve it up.