Kola Boof Speaks
on the Assassination of Deng Ajak

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The handsome and heroic black men in the photo above is Deng Ajak.
He was not only one of South Sudan's greatest war heroes and one of the world's most important human rights advocates--he was also my closest friends in Sudan and one of my SPLA commanders during the spy work that I did for Operation Miuokda Higlig PX-40.
Just a few months ago, as Global Coordinator the Sudanese Sensitization Peace Project in Juba, he appointed me National Chairwoman of the U.S. Branch of SSPP reporting directly to our esteemed President in Boston, Brother Francis Bok.
Three days ago, Deng Ajak was assassinated by the Arab Muslim Imperialist government in Khartoum.

Once again, they call it a "airplane accident" and claim that it was the will of God, just as they did a few years ago when our leader John Garang's airplane accidentally crashed, but as an African mother, a lover of truth and a fighter for the liberation and equality of Darfur and South Sudan, I am here to tell you that if God's will was anywhere present in the nation of Sudan...then the Arab Muslim Imperialist government in Khartoum would be hit
with a ball of fire and wiped off the face of the earth.
Nothing in this world is more evil, more corrupt or more criminal than the genocidal monsters who terrorize African Sudan from
their SATAN CHAIR in Khartoum--President Omar Bashir, my former sugar daddy Hasan al Turabi, their "boot lickers" Gamal Ibrahim and Dr. Riek Machar, and all the rest of the Arab Muslim "big boys" who find themselves appalled at the audacity that one of their "palace whores" got away and is now writing pure un-censored truth in America concerning their love of all things
Satanic, all things evil.

Truly, Allah hates this regime in Khartoum, and truly, they are "scum" to call themselves Mullahs and teachers of Islam.
They are nothing but Arab niggerstock trash!  The shit-colored bastard rape babies of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and all of the other bloodt-thirsty nations of the Arab Imperial Empire who
have delighted in raping, enslaving and mutilating the African
mothers and daughters of these men who are too cowardly to
protect and value their own women.
This time instead of killing just one official of the South Sudanese government...because they fear the 2011 secession of South Sudanese under CPA, an agreement that the North Sudan has failed to honor...these criminals in President Bashir's regime murdered a good handful of the "people's" true leaders.  They also killed civilian members of the SPLA on that fabled and fictional "accidental" airplane tragedy.
I can hear it now--the two engines of a new plane suddenly stopping cold in mid-flight.
I believe that Papa John Garang, one of the true angels in heaven, can hear it as well.
I believe that all human beings who love and value "love itself" can hear it.
I believe that our new American President, Barack Obama, will be able hear it--when I get through pestering him.
And I am damn sure that my Comrades in the great and
honorable nation of ISRAEL heard it, and that they know I am telling the truth, and that the time is inching ever-nearer that Israel and New Kush, the South Sudan, must come together as "sharers of a common enemy" to fight against this chronic Arab Muslim
Imperialism that is like a disease throughout Africa, throughout
the middle east and throughout the innocent vaginas of young
mutilated girls everywhere.
Word has come that my own assassination is being planned.
(nasayti !)
I fear not.
So to you White Arabs in Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria
and Palestine who continue to threaten my life and threaten the
lives of my young sons--all that I offer you is one gigantic yawn.
I fear no trash fish in a pond.
I am the daughter of Harith Bin Farouk.  I fear nobody!
I am the daughter of Harith Bin Farouk.  Him who you
murdered and blamed it on Allah.
Like a foaming-mouthed dog...you sick Sheik Omar Bakri on me.
You envoke Bin Laden's "jaib" to curse and defame me, but I
am not impressed from Osama's loins.  Many men have fucked
me after Osama.  I am not impressed!  He rots in a cave!
Your robes, beards and very flesh is like piss in a mosque hole
to me.
I see you motherfuckers dead, and in the name of all African
mothers everywhere...in the name of all children with black skin
and true African names, true African eyes...I will use every
day of my life to work against you, to plot against you, to rise up
a new nation of Black Kings who will surely support authentic
justice and equality, authentic love, brotherhood and love of
God--not Islam.
A true God, one that respects women and children and
recognizes the fact that the oldest religion on this earth is my
black pussy--not Islam.
I am made in Washington, D.C. now and wrote a poem
that says:
"America is my husband now/
And he is Good to me!
America is my husband now/
And he is Good to me!"
This is how African mothers will finally crush you.
The Arab Muslim Imperialist Empire is coming down!
You murdered Deng Ajak.
In the name of all humanity, Our Mother--the goddess Sudan. 
You are coming down!
If Allah is wise, then he will get some new members--becuase
you Arab Muslim trash cannibals are coming down!
You are coming down
You are coming down
You are coming down
Your empire is dead!