NEW POEM: "The Assassination of
Dominic Dim Deng"

"The Assassination of
Dominic Dim Deng" 

   a Poem by Kola Boof

His two wives are still

they dare speak of Riek Machar's mouth,
they float above wreckage/
hearing the lies from...Bashir's lips

they describe the aging on Turabi's throat,

the aging throat
that moans like a horn

Come children, they call:
remove these robes.

His two wives--they are still in the sky

They are now the Queens of Khartoum
Chol, Chol
and Chol

their clean black feet like coal
blessing the peaceful blue reunion

They are not Muslims.  They are Angels.

to reveal the lie
the great lie 
that has escaped the burning tomb and
cannot reach them in the clouds,

cannot fly high enough
cannot sustain the sun and moon
cannot sustain your broken winged bird 

In death/they are singing:

Arab wood on Khartoum steps
--Oh Satan Chair

Wooden coin in Khartoum fountains
--Oh Satan Chair

Chair of Satan
Palm of deceit and green water
Master of every wretched evil


planner of fire in the sky
to deny our hearts Garang
to deny our children freedom

Oh Satan Chair
made of Arab wood
--how long will this world wink against God?

I am floating
I am all in blue heaven
I am not dead/let the believers know it
That I died and yet...I am not dead.

Let the believers know it!
Let the believers know it!

that I am all in blue skies
that I am floating
that I am not dead

Let the children see clearly
Chol, chol
and Chol
My beautiful black feet

Feet that are blacker and cleaner than
sparkling clean water

That I am alive. 

That I am singing and that I am
asking Khartoum

--Oh Satan Chair  

That my God is watching you.
That my God is hearing you.

That someday with age
...with Age will come change.
That someday

Your lies will not fly.