These are just a few ways that I use BRINING as a way of tenderizing

meat.  Preparing the meat in a PRESSURE COOKER is always surefire, 

it will definitely come out tender....but if you don't want to use that 

method....then you can do a BRINE.



*A Simple Brine is just Ice water & Salt with meat submerged in it for hours
(or even overnight).  The salt will tenderize the meat so that when you cook it,
it's very juicy and tender without being salty. If you're brining a few pork chops
(4 hours tops), you use just four tablespoons of salt. But if you're bringing a
large piece of meat, you use a whole cup of salt.
*Brine Chicken pieces submerged in Ice water & Salt for 3 to 4 hours with 
four tablespoons salt. It's the same for Pork, Beef or Lamb "pieces." You can
add Apple Juice or Wine or any flavoring you like to impart flavor. But the 
Ice Water and Salt is what tenderizes the meat.

WHOLE cuts of meat like roasts or half-roasts, you want to brine that 3 to 4 hours
(or overnight) in 1 cup of Salt & 1 gallon Ice water.
How to make an actual flavored brine:
Get a pot and fill it with water. Add a cup of SALT (can be table salt, sea salt,
Kosher salt)....add some flavors (brown sugar, garlic, ginger?) depending on what
you want the meat to taste like. BOIL this. Then let it get really cold in refrigerator.
Once it's ice cold, add the meat and some ice cubes and let it brine the meat for
as many hours as you want. You can also brine it overnight.
Sometimes I replace the water with Beer or Apple Juice. Boil it and get it ice cold.
You can make a "BEER BRINE" for crabs or seafood....you can do "COLA BRINE"
for Ham steaks and Salmon...you can create whatever BRINE FLAVOR you like
as long as you have Ice Water and Salt as the main ingredients to change the
molecular shape of the cells so that the meat becomes very tender.
TIP: I use a kitchen food injector (a syringe) to add Citrus & Olive Oil mixture under
the skin and into the muscle of my meats. THEN I brine them in the ice water & salt. 
Make sure to see my TURKEY recipe which requires 3 days of brining.

(*for PIECES and slices of meat only)
Crack 3 egg Whites in a bowl....
Pour Ice water (or cold wine/juice) into the egg whites...
Add 1 stablespoon of Apple Vinegar...
Add 2 tablespoons of Soy Sauce...
Carefully whisk in 1 tablespoon of Corn Starch...
Mix well.

Take the EGGY mixture and use your hands to embed your meat with it very well.
Then let it marinade for hours (usually 4 hours with sliced beef or Pork chops/Chicken pieces).
For larger pieces of meat let it marinade 6 hours or more.
If you're making a STEW, then let the meat marinade in this mixture for 8 to 12 hours in the
refrigerator. (You can still do it for just 4 hours if you're in a rush).
This method gives your meat a SILKY very tender finish.
You can always SEAR the meat on the stove top and then Bake it in the oven slower
so that it comes out juicy and tender. I do this with Pork steaks, beef steaks, chicken.
I sear it, then butter it and put it in the oven to finish.
PRESSURE COOKING is ideal method for so many dishes I make. I love the quickness
(Brown Rice in just 8 minutes)...and especially....the tenderizing. Get yourself a few
Pressure cookers and learn from Youtube videos how to use them (it's very easy!).

The cheapest cuts of meat will come out tender as butter!