NIGERIAN PRIDE: Christopher Okigbo

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(In loving memory of
Christopher Okigbo)
by Kola Boof
This is a pond
--but it's manmade.
Here is water
--but it's placed by hands.
This is a kiss.
A kind of kiss.
But it never ends.
O Nsukka--white as Satan's
breast--how could you devour my
only dream?
To press the blueness of
your pale feet against our Sons/
and rain down
white ash/white skies
Nothing in the way you dance.
Nothing the way you dance.
O Nsukka, day of the end.
How my father and son resisted
your kiss of death.
How my dream of dancing
bit wind.
That they lay still now
at the bottom of your pond.
And that there is no more light.
And no more SON.
O Nsukka/
but now I love him more
White fingers of death/
but now I find him alive
Etched as though by lions/
but now I hear the roar
of his word
Now I feel the pulse of his blood/
and like Okigbo
I am bleed.