Sweet Potato Pie
With/Cream Cheese Bottom

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Kola's SWEET POTATO PIE W/Cream Cheese Bottom

*You can make this with or without the special bottom layer.

(1) Put a cookie sheet in oven on 250 degrees---you NEED this to
properly "set" your Cream Cheese bottom, so do that. If you're just
making a regular Sweet Potato Pie, then start with Step 2.

(2) Set your Pie Shells on the counter and let them start
softening (do not put in oven w/Cookie Sheet). 

(3) Boil 3-4 sweet potatoes w/Skin on to a nice soft texture.
Keeping the skin on retains a lot of flavor & color. After they're
Boiled--peel them. They have to be "mashed" & Blended as smooth as possible so you want them nicely boiled but on a low fire--I'd say for
45 minutes, slow.
(OR, you can bake them, but it takes much longer.)

While That's Boiling---

(4) Grate up 1/4th of an Orange peel, set aside.

(5) Make your "Cream Cheese" filling:

Take HALF a tub/package of Regular Cream Cheese (meaning not soft) and blend it in a bowl with about 7 tablespoons of SUGAR. Once it's blended really well, blend in 1 egg with it. Once egg is blended in--add 2 tablespoons of RUM Extract and 1 "gob" of your grated orange peel & mix that in good. (Set aside)

BOILING potatoes are done. 

(6) Put your Pie Shells in the oven with the cookie sheet. TURN UP
THE HEAT to 350 degrees.


(a) Mash your Sweet potatoes first--mash really well.
(b) Pour in some Half & Half (about 1/2 cup...but slowly as U blend.)
(c) **BLEND sweet potatoes while pouring in Half & Half--mixing in.
(d) NEXT: Pour in 1 cup of White Sugar, blend that in
(E) Pour in 1/2 Cup of Dark Brown Sugar, blend that in
(F) Add 2 eggs, blend that in good
(G) Kola's Secret: Add an entire 1/2 Cup of Ground Ginger, blend that in
(H) Add 1 teaspoon of Ground Cinnamon and Ground Nutmeg each.
(I) Add the rest of your Grated orange Peel.

USE YOUR FINGER to "taste" the batter---fix it according to your tastes.


Spread the Cream Cheese Mixture on bottom of pie crust to the "thickness"
you want it. THEN c
over the Cream Cheese with Sweet Potato Mixture.

Smooth out your top really nice.

(9) BAKE your pies about 1 hour on 400 degrees. About 10 minutes before
it's done, sprinkle a little Cinnamon on top. Let that cook into the surface.

(10) After pies are done---let them sit and cool about Half an hour. Then
you can CHILL THEM in the refrigerator for about 4 hours (what I do) and
serve nice and cool.

Black people don't eat Whipped cream on theirs---and many don't like
the Cream Cheese Bottom, so it's up to your crowd that day.