Kola Boof's Brine recipe

STEP BY STEP Easy Instructions!

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WHY "Brine" Kola?

The molecular cells of Turkeys are "zig-zag Shaped"...which makes
the meat Dry and Tough. But when you soak a Turkey in Salty
Water for 2 to 3 days, the CELLS turn "O" shaped, which makes
the Meat very tender, succulent and juicy.

Your "Breast Meat" on your Turkey will be like Chicken Thigh Tender
if you BRINE your turkey in Salty Solution. 


This recipe is almost impossible to "mess up." It's very easy,
just get a "thawed" all natural Turkey and do everything

**NOTE: To have your turkey ready on Thursday,
you need to BRINE it (soak solution) starting on
MONDAY. We brine for 3 days straight...but you
can still start Tuesday and have 2 days of Brining
before baking on Thursday morning early. 

The turkey must be "thawed out" and you can only
use an all-natural Turkey. The SUPERMARKET sells
two types of Turkeys...Injected and All Natural. You
get the one that says "Natural" or "No additives added."


You can be like Kola and use an ICE CHEST or
some type of Container big enough to hold a FatTurkey
and be Re-Packed with Ice when necessary.

(These are good, because you don't have to keep making
sure the Turkey is cold enough not to ROT...and you
don't have worry about losing Brine Flavor. I would
suggest "beginners" use the Refrig.'s easier.


(or night before you submerge Turkey)

Fix your "BRINE JUICE" and let that get COLD in the refrigerator
--but first you have to BOIL the ingredients.


Pour in 1 Gallon of Chicken Broth.
Pour in 1 Bottle of RED WINE (or Welch's Grape Juice non-drinkers)
Pour in 1 Half Gallon Cranberry Juice
Pour in 3 Tablespoons of Maggi Liquid Seasoning
Add 1 Whole Orange cut in 4 wedges.
1 half Cup of SOY SAUCE

STIR THAT UP (don't turn on fire yet.)

ADD 1 Cup of Baleine Coarse Sea Salt

If all you have is MORTON'S TABLE can use that as
long as there's no IODINE in it. Get a box of Morton's that doesn't
have IODINE.

*You can get Baleine Sea Salt at most Supermarkets, but if not
then please order some for about $3 online:

You can also find MAGGI LIQUID SEASONING in the grocery store,
but if not, order some online.

(**Without very Salty BrineJuice, this process will NOT work! This is
a Biological change of the Turkey Meat...must have Salty Brine Juice.
MORE IS BETTER, so "splurge" on the SALT


1 Cup of Brown Sugar
3 Cinnamon Sticks (or 3 tablespoons, but prefer sticks)
1 tablespoon crushed Rosemary
1 tablespoon dried Sage
1 tablespoon dried Thyme
1 tablespoon Ground Mustard
1 tablespoon dried Savory


Put that in the REFRIGERATOR over night (or at least 12 hours)
so that it gets nice and COLD.

NOTE: If you're going to Brine in an Ice Chest then you should already
have extra brine just from this 1 original pot that you made so that
when you Re-Pack the Ice over 3 days, you keep the Flavor of the Brine
by adding more juice with the ice. That's VERY IMPORANT.

Over 3 days, the FLAVOR of your Brine will go all the way to the
Turkey's bones, so you want a good flavor to go with that nice
tender & juicy meat you'll be carving up for everyone.


...or at the latest, Tuesday...

Take your Thawed Out 12 to 20 pound Turkey and place it
on a bed of ice in the Ice Chest (breast facing down). the Turkey in a Supermarket Brining BAG for Turkeys.

You need to completely COVER the entire Turkey with the
BRINING SOLUTION. If you're using the ICE CHEST...then you
can put a PLATE, a heavy one, on top of the Turkey to keep it
completely covered by the Brine Solution.

PROBLEM: Turkey meat "Rots" very easily if it's not kept colder
than 40 degrees F.  

URGENTLY IMPORTANT: If you use an "Ice Chest"--then you
must make sure that the Brine & the Turkey are colder than
40 Degrees F at all times. With a refrigerator Bag, you don't
have to do much checking as long as you set the temp cold
...but with the Ice Chest, you make sure it's BONE COLD ICE

What I do...I set my Brine OUTDOORS and that way, during
November and the ice packed in, I don't have to worry. But
it's terribly important that you dont' let the meat ROT.

Each time you pack new ice, also add more Brine Juice from
your refrigerator stock. (You can scoop out some older watered
down brine and replace with fresh brine from refrigerator).
I usually do that ONCE a day.

OKAY....for 3 days (or even 2 days) you let the Turkey BRINE
in the flavored Salty Icy Brine Juice.


3 Days Later, Ready to Bake

**PLEASE FOLLOW "Step by Step":


(A) Remove the Turkey from the Brine Solution and "RINSE" the entire
bird 2 times really well. Pat-dry the outside lightly. (throw away brine juice) 

(B) SET turkey in refrigerator for 1 hour so that the skin will be "crisp" when the turkey is done cooking.

(C) Take out your "roasting pan/aluminum pan/whatever" that you're
baking the turkey in....and COAT the bottom of the part that will be
touching your turkey with:

1 diced onion
3 Celery stalks (slit into 9)
1 diced Carrot
2 whole garlic cloves
4 Bay leaves
6 cuts of Butter
1 Half bag of Shelled Walnuts (optional)

OK...that's your Bottom.

(For Golden Skin) Mix 4 cups of Chicken Broth and set that to the side.

**Do not "STUFF" the Turkey until about 30 minutes before it's done.
Leave the Turkey UN-Stuffed but legs twined Closed while it's cooking.


(D) 1 hour passed.....Set your OVEN at 400 degrees...then take the Turkey out of the Refrigerator, the outer flesh is nice and stiff, will be crisp and golden brown after baking.

(E) Take a type of Oil (Canola? Olive Oil?) and slather it on your hands...using your hands, Black People Style...slather up that bird real
good and OILY so he'll have a good brown color.

(F) Wash your hands.

(G) Season the outside of the turkey...but don't use Salt. I, Kola, use
Sage, Pepper, Lawry's Seasoning.

(H) DO NOT STUFF the Turkey....bind the legs with Kitchen Twine and
neatly place in the baking pan.

**DO NOT cover with foil.

(I) Place the Turkey in the oven! **First 40 minutes of baking...keep an eye on the SKIN! With a Brine Turkey, the skin can darken extremely fast, but
usually it doesn't burn or get too brown. 

(J) After the turkey has been in oven for first 40 minutes, it should have
a nice color....POUR HALF the Chicken Broth over the bird and let it bake another 15 minutes.

(K) Now the bird should be brown, but if not....COVER AT THAT POINT with Foil and let it bake covered the next few hours (See turkey wrapper for how long to bake--also use Thermometer if you need to). 

(L) After a few gage when your "last 40 minutes" cooking
will be and you STUFF the bird with your dressing. Careful--you don't
want the stuffing to be "overcooked", so you make sure that you put
this in for the last 40 minutes.

(M) During the last 30 minutes, you should remove the foil from the
bird and pour the last half of Chicken Broth over the bird. Without the
foil--bake the bird 30 last minutes to get it the color you want.


Once the Turkey is done, you decorate your PLATTER for the bird to
rest on.



(1) Lay down some Red Cabbage leaves and "fringe" the outer parts of
that with greenish/red Romaine Lettuce Leaves.

(2) Spread a bed of "African Rice" over the center leaves.
**Kola's recipe for African Rice:

(3) Place the Turkey in the center of the rice bed.

(4) Around the turkey put "crab apples" (whole ones! they're small),
shelled Walnuts, grape bunches, Seckle can use sprigs
of rosemary or thyme from the supermarket. But GARNISH nice and

BEST GRAVY is "Cranberry Gravy Recipe" (see the bottom of
this Page Link for how to make Cranberry Gravy):